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Chino Aircraft Sales, Inc. is located at the Chino Airport in Chino California. Chino Airport is known worldwide because of the compilation and wide variety of aircraft located there. Bob Cullen, Chino Aircraft Sales's manager has been in airmen for close to 50 years. Bob has been in the aircraft dealership and brokerage business for more than 50 years.

CAS offices Chino

CAS (Chino Aircraft Sales) deals in all makes and models of certified aircraft. Whether you are looking for a Beechcraft skipper, debonair, or Bonanza CAS typically has these aircraft in stock. They also deal in more unique aircraft such as a hawker or a fouga magister,

If you are seeking great rental values CAS also rents aircraft. Low-cost twins are for rent starting at $80 per hour. Aircraft available as of this writing are the Seneca, C310, C340, and C421. Discovery flights are available for just $50. Flight instruction for single-engine, multi-engine, IFR, BFR and IPC are available at CAS.

Currently we have more than SIXTY aircraft available and on many models we have financing available. The website is new and we don't have all aircraft online yet. If you have any questions or are looking for a specific aircraft - call me personally at: (909) 606-8605 or CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS OF OUR AIRCRAFT



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This is Bob Cullen and I personally wanted to thank you for visiting our new website. Chino Aircraft Sales (CAS) is Southern California's high volume, low priced, aircraft dealer! We offer the best aircraft values available anywhere and have one of the largest selection of "in-stock" aircraft for sale anywhere in Southern California.

I personally invite you to contact our offices at 909-606-8605 if you are seeking any type of aircraft. We have global connections and may know of a seller who has an aircraft that they are considering putting on the market.

My personal history in the aircraft industry has spanned many decades. I would be happy to share my personal insights with you if you are in the market for any type of aircraft whether we have it in stock or not.

I believe my many years of experience in the sale of hundreds of aircraft can help give you guidance whether you purchase the aircraft from Chino aircraft sales or not. As stated previously we have global contacts and routinely sell aircraft all over the world.

Whether you fly in or drive in I love to chat with you about your next aircraft purchase. here at CAS we assist with financing and all the other needs of our clientele.

If you are at Chino Airport for any reason come by and say hi, and introduce yourself!

Best regards,

Bob Cullen


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Welcome to Chino Aircraft Sales new website! We now have our inventory posted online for everyone to browse. We hope that you like the design of our new site and will look to our aircraft and join as a member of our site so that you receive e-mails and updates of our new aircraft and the happenings around the airport.
Previously we are located at Corona Airport but we have moved to a much larger facility here at TR airport with our own repair area and the cornucopia of aircraft on display.
If you're in need of flight instruction we have a flight instructor on staff with more than 6000 pilot in command hours. We also perform aircraft maintenance here and can perform your annual at a very reasonable price.
If you're in the neighborhood, by and take a look at our previously owned aircraft and I'll bet we have one that fits just which are looking for. From trainers to war birds we have them all in stock. Come take a look today!
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Bob Cullen has been an aircraft broker for more than five decades. He is an icon in the aircraft brokerage business worldwide. Because of this Bob gets calls from all over the world regarding some very sweet deals on aircraft.

As we all know banking has changed significantly. Lenders are hoarding their money and it's very very difficult to find money to run a business. However, our business is global and not constrained within California or even the United States. Some of these deals that we are privy to can't be turned down. We offer aircraft lovers an opportunity to invest in some of our flooring. These are aircraft we purchase outright at far below market value. While these deals don't come every day we do get offers like this and we like to take up these opportunities when they come our way.

All investors are protected as the titled owner of each aircraft. We then take delivery and market these aircraft globally. If you have an interest making a great return on a secured investment please contact Bob Cullen personally.

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We buy aircraft... yes we do; and we'd love to sell yours! if you haven't flown your aircraft for a while and have considered letting your bird go to new nest, we can help you with that transition! we've been around for a very long time and after being in the aircraft brokerage business for more than five decades; it doesn't appear were going anywhere.

If you'd like to list with one of the oldest brokers on the West Coast were here to serve you. We have a global clientele and probably have a buyer for your aircraft in our database.

Please contact us and let us know what you're thinking. We can give you a ballpark estimate but we believe the value your aircraft in on today's market.

We often purchase outright fleets of aircraft that are on the market at a reasonable price. If your company is considering disposing of its fleet please give us a call we have global contacts and can help facilitate your sale in a quick and efficient manner.

Call Chino Aircraft Sales today!

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